Art Couture Custom Apparel

Art Couture Custom Apparel

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How it Works: After payment is recieved I will contact you and you will answer a few questions about size, color etc. Your origial piece of apparel will then be mailed out and you will recieve the shirt no more than 14 days of purchase although 7days is average.

  • The Breakdown

    The apparel I make are pieces of art, the only exist once. Arrangments and iconographic art may change but there will only be one and you have it. I make each piece by hand and usually have no idea what the finished product will look like until I am done because I am painting with Sport-Flex Vinyl. It is heat pressed both sides and is machine washable in cold water and will last longer than you will be alive unless you destroy in which case contact me and I will replace it. Each piece has a waranty for life and reviews are submitted to my team.

Womans or Mens Fit

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