A collection of recent works within the past

two months.

Updated weekly

Current Works

A collection of work created while I was living in a house and in a relationship that

felt like a trap.

Trap House

A collection of work 

I made while I was living in El Cajon, California USA.


" The Box "

A collection of work and some stories about graduating  from UC Berkeley.


A collection of work before, during & after getting 12 screws in my heel.



A collection of work influenced by my study of architecture and engineering while at  Cal.





  ainting is a critical mass that yields an outcome and a tangible result of my existence. I started painting because in my early twenties half my face became paralyzed in the blink of an eye leaving me literally unable to blink my right eye. This lasted for three months gradually improving but on occasion I look in the mirror and see my reflection as it was 7 years ago and feel the emotions that brought me to art. These are a selection of works categorized by the periods by which they were painted along with some notes about each piece. The list is continually growing just as we all do and I’m happy to share some stories with the world.


A collection of work from the beginning of my relocation to the Bay area.



A collection of work  created while I was studying engineering physics at College of the Desert.



A collection of work from when it all began.


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